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10 Things I Hate And Why You Should Hate Them Too

If you want to know about these 10 things I hate, check out this cool article after the fold.

(welcome to my attempt at writing a clickbaity article)

The Web

Seriously, it was intended as an information sharing network with a simple, machine- and human-readable format. Look what happened.


I like programming language design, so that puts Javascript in the opposite corner of the room.


Because I like fast programs and you should too.


Because I like working software and static types.


I mentioned JavaScript, right? Now I happen to be a system administrator and I really don't want that stuff on my servers.


It's time for this abomination to die already.

Swedish politics

What a circus.

Clickbaity list-articles

Stop writing them, they're taking up valuable disk space.

Vanilla Coke

Because it is disgusting.


If you want to know why, give it a try.