tazjin's interblag

Hello, illuminated visitor.

I'm tazjin. Usually you can find me programming computers using tools such as Nix and Emacs.

Below is a collection of my projects, blog posts and some random things by me or others. If you'd like to get in touch about anything, send me a mail at mail@[this domain] or ping me on IRC.

Interview with Joscha Bach

A fascinating, mind-bending interview by Lex Fridman with Joscha Bach about the Nature of the Universe.

The Virus Lounge

A daily social video call in these trying pandemic times. Join us!

This Week in Virology

Podcast with high-quality information about virology, epidemiology and so on. Highly relevant to COVID19.

tazjin's best tools


Merging all of my projects into a single, Nix-based monorepo

Nixery: Improved Layering Design


A Nix-backed container registry that builds container images on demand


A universal convention for conveying time (by edef <3)


Small daemon to forward logs from journald to Stackdriver Logging

Principia Discordia

The Principia is a short book I read as a child, and didn't understand until much later. It shaped much of my world view.

Reverse-engineering WatchGuard Mobile VPN


Simple file templating tool built for Kubernetes resources

Make Object <T> Again!

The SMU-problem of messaging apps

Being sick in Sweden

The NSA's 5 zettabytes of data