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Below are some of my projects, blog posts, notes and some other random things. If you'd like to get in touch, email me at mail@[this domain] or ping me on TVL IRC.

VolgaSprint - Nix hacking in Kazan: Hacking on Nix projects for a week in Kazan, Russia, in August 2024. Come join us! [доклад] tvix-eval, имплементация языка Nix на Rust: Blog post from 2023-09-07 Зачем reliably-switch-buffers?: Blog post from 2023-08-24 [2023-06-15] I moved some of my pages (including this one) to a machine in my flat in Moscow. If you end up having access trouble because your ISP blocks Russian resources, please let me know. [2023-06-15] Protip: Use the Reddit blackout to click the 'Logout' button, and never come back. Ставим NixOS!: Встреча в undef.space для помощи в начале работы с Nix/NixOS [2023-02-11] If you have a Huawei device that sometimes struggles on public Wi-Fi networks, try enabling MAC-address randomisation. Huawei devices often get pushed onto management networks! Tvixbolt: In-browser language evaluator for Nix, based on Tvix Nix — не только пакетный менеджер: Двухчасовой (!) разговор с введением в Nix, NixOS и так далее Tvix - September '22: Tvix update blog post over on TVL yandex-cloud-rs: Простой SDK на Rust для работы с API Yandex Cloud. @tazlog on Telegram: My Telegram channel with occasional random life updates and musings. Ship It! #37: Podcast episode about TVL, Nix, monorepos and all sorts of related things. Tvix: TVL is rewriting Nix with funding from NLNet. ООО ТВЛ: Официальный сайт моей компании по IT-консалтингу. Interview with Joscha Bach: Mind-bending discussion with philosopher Joscha Bach. The Virus Lounge: A community around Nix, monorepos, build tooling and more! tazjin's best tools: Blog post from 2019-12-20 [2019-12-20] ↓ No longer just my projects, it's all of TVL! Go check it out. depot: Merging all of my projects into a single, Nix-based monorepo Nixery: Improved Layering Design: Blog post from 2019-08-09 Nixery: A Nix-backed container registry that builds container images on demand nix-1p: A (more or less) one-page introduction to the Nix language. dottime: A universal convention for conveying time journaldriver: Small daemon to forward logs from journald to Stackdriver Logging Principia Discordia: A short book about everything that everyone should read. Reverse-engineering WatchGuard Mobile VPN: Blog post from 2017-02-11 [2017-02-08] ↓ I no longer recommend people to use this. Generate your configuration from a language like Nix instead. kontemplate: Simple file templating tool built for Kubernetes resources Make Object <T> Again!: Blog post from 2016-10-18 The SMU-problem of messaging apps: Blog post from 2015-12-17 The NSA's 5 zettabytes of data: Blog post from 2013-07-31